One more day until the start of the biggest volunteer action in BiH history “Let’s do it – let’s clean the country in 1 day”

May 17, 2013

On 15th May 2013, UN House in Sarajevo hosted a media conference to present the ideas and goals of the “Let’s Do It – let’s clean the country in 1 day” initiative, and invite the citizens to participate in the activities in their towns on Saturday, May 18 2013, starting from 10:00 hours.

The initiative “Let’s Do It – let’s clean the country in 1 day” is the largest volunteer action in BiH history chiefly devoted to cleaning unauthorized damping sites in one day, as well as to clean-up of green areas and other sights of nature, and protected areas. The project is a part of the global “Let’s Do It World” clean-up action that is for the second year organized in our country and implemented by NGOs “Ruke” from Sarajevo and “Mozaik prijateljstva” from Banja Luka and sponsored by HT Eronet. Also, United Nations Volunteers has been involved in the Let’s Do It Action from the beginning together working with the lead NGOs.

In recognition of the values of the “Let’s Do It – let’s clean the country in 1 day”, the initiative was supported by other UN Agencies in BiH and EU Delegation in BiH.

„Employees of the UN Agencies will actively participate in the „Let's Do It“ and clean the areas around the UN House and Museum. We are priviledged to participate in the project, and this is a unique introduction for the celebration of the World Environment Day (WED), that will take place from 2 until 5 June 2013. This year Sarajevo will host the WED Celebration for Central Europe, and the main event will be official launch of the Satate of Environment Report for Bosnia and Herzegovina that was prepared by UNEP in the framework of the UN Joint MDG-F Environment and Climate Change Programme“, said Sanjin Avdić, Energy and Environment Sector Leader, UNDP.

„Protection of environment is extremely important issue for EU. Events such as this provide an opportunity for young people to enter the stage and become active participants, not mere bystanders, and this is a unique chance for all citizens to take the responsibility and work jointly for the benefit of their country and society“, said Andy McGuffie, Head of Communications and Spokesperson, EU Delegation.

Importance of the initiative was recognized by the government institutions as well and Federal Ministry of Environment and Tourism, RS Ministry of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology and Fond for Environmental Protection FBiH, decided to support the activism of the young enthusiasts this year as well.

The ”Let’s Do It – let’s clean the country in 1 day” initiative was succesfully implemented on Spetember 09, 2012 in 105 municipalities in BiH, involving more than 37 500 volunteers who removed 5 500 tons of garbage from natural areas. The biggest number of volunteers gathered in the Municipality of Široki Brijeg – 4000, and the largest amount of garbage was collected in the Municipality of Odžak – 680 tons. Thanks to good organization the last year’s initiative was completed without incidents and the organizers hope for even bigger results and larger turnout of BiH citizens this year, which will display a completely new face of our country.

This year's action will take place throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina on May 18, 2013 starting at 10:00, and all citizens are inivited to join and become a part of the historic event.