Lend Your Leg Campaign Ends

Apr 8, 2013

„Bosnia and Herzegovina without new landmine victims“ is the main message of the Day Against Mines, marked today at UN House in Sarajevo. Bosnia and Herzegovina still remains one of the most mine contaminated countries in South East Europe with more than 14,000 mine locations. To date, there were 8,068 landmine victims in country. Portraits of 15 victims and their families are displayed in the UN House as a harsh reminder of the danger that is still present.

The world-wide campaign “Land Your Leg” was launched by International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) to draw attention to the consequences of landmine danger by providing assistance to victims and survivors of the landmines during the recovery and integration process.

Domestic and international organizations have joined the Landmine Survivors Initiative (LSI) and UNDP in this campaign, and by a symbolic gesture of rolling-up either trousers or arm sleeves they demonstrated their support. While the campaign ended on 4th April 2013, UNDP and LSI invited people of Bosnia and Herzegovina to continue with their support to prevent any new victims of landmines. To date, Bosnia and Herzegovina's online campaign has the most contributors among 74 countries endorsing the Land Your Leg campaign.