Lend Your Leg LogoThe campaign “Land Your Leg” aimed at solving the problem of landmines in the world.

Campaign “Lend Your Leg” in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mar 4, 2013

Marking the 14th anniversary since the Landmine Ban Convention has entered into force, the International Campaign to Ban Landmines (ICBL) has started again the campaign “Land Your Leg” aimed at solving the problem of landmines in the world. After the success of the campaign last year, organized in 74 countries worldwide, that highly contributed to the enforcement and univerzalisation of the Convention on Landmine Ban, we expect that also in this year many mine-affected countries will take part in this campaign.

The campaign starts on 1st March and lasts until 4th April 2013, which is the International Day for Awareness on Landmine Danger and Assistance for Victims of Landmines, known also as the Day Against Mines. The aim of the campaign is to draw attention on the consequences of mine presence by wringing the leg trousers or arm sleeves symbolically, as well as to provide assistance to victims of landmines during the recovery and integration process. The actual size of mine-suspicious areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina is 1262 km² or 2.5% of the overall area. Over 120,000 landmines and explosive remnants of war are scattered over 9802 mine suspected micro-locations and directly endanger 1417 communities with about 540,000 civilians. Because of that it is very important for Bosnia and Herzegovina to be part of this global campaign in order to draw attention on the need for reducing negative impacts of landmines.

Since 1992 until 2013, 8068 persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina have been victims of mines. Among those, 6268 persons have survived some form of injury from mines and now depend on the support services for rehabilitation and integration into the community.

Having in mind the situation in the country, the emphasis of the campaign in BiH will be on the victims of landmines, whereby the slogan “Bosnia and Herzegovina without New Mine Victims” will be spearheading the campaign. The campaign in BiH will be conducted by the non-governmental organization “Initiative of Landmine Survivors” (“Inicijative preživjelih od mina”) supported by the United Nations Development Programme, ICLB, the Centre for Mine removal (BHMAC) and the Coalition for Inclusion of anti-Mine Actions into Development Programmes.

During March a huge part of activities is going to be conducted in mine-affected communities and will include public meetings with competent authorities, associations of mine victims, activists engaged in anti-mine actions in local communities related to the rights of mine victims and solving the problems of mines in local communities. Beside this we are going to organize in cooperation with other organizations lectures on raising awareness about the danger of mines for students in primary schools and mine-affected communities.

The premiere of the promotional spot of the campaign and the exhibition of the mine-victims portraits are going to be presented at the central event planned for April 4, 2013, which is going to include all of activists in the domain of mine action in BiH.

We invite all media to support the campaign for “Bosnia and Herzegovina without New Mine Victis” and to follow the activities throughout the month which will be finalized with April 4, the Day Against Mines.