Free Legal Aid for Citizens in BiH

Mar 7, 2013

The opening ceremony of the Free Legal Aid Agency of the Canton Sarajevo took place today in Sarajevo. The ceremony was attended by the Prime Minister of the Government of Canton Sarajevo Mr. Suad Zeljkovic, the Minister of Justice of Canton Sarajevo Ms. Velida Memic, Director of the Free Legal Aid Agency Mr.Velija Nuhanovic and Ms. Amela Cosovic-Medic, UNDP Justice and Security Sector Coordinator.

For this purpose, the Govenment of Canton Sarajevo ensured adequate premises while UNDP Access to Justice Project: Facing the Past and Building Confidence for the Future provided infrastructural support in terms of renovation of premises and provision of furniture and equipment. In addition to provision of support to development of the Law on Free Legal Aid of Canton Sarajevo and setting up of Free Legal Aid premises, the Project aslo provided necessary IT and communication equipment, developed an electronic legal aid database for processing of cases and a web site. The Agency will be fully operational starting June 2013 pending finalisation of procedure for appointment of the Agency employees.

The establishment of the Agency shall ensure the right to free legal aid and human rights protection of socialy and economically disadvantaged categories of population including poor citizens, children without parental custody, civil victims, persons with disability, victims of family and gender-based violance and other vulnerable categories.

„It is important to emphasise that the Goverment of Canton Sarajevo, acting in difficult economic and sensitive political enviroment, recognized actual trends and in cooperation with other actors and international partners, undertook concrete measures toward creation of the system to ensure minimum standards in the area of free lega aid and equal access to justice for all citizens in this Canton“, emphasized Ms. Amela Cosovic-Medic, Justice and Security Sector Coordinator.