Good Preparation Means Better Projects of Civil Society Organizations

Jan 21, 2013

Reinforcement of Local Democracy III project (LOD III) continues to improve cooperation between authorities and civil society organizations on local level.

As of November 2012, UNDP’s Reinforcement of Local Democracy III project (LOD III), funded by the European Union through Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (IPA), has been conducting series of trainings for representatives of local self governance units (LSU) in Bosnia and Herzegovina. These trainings are aimed to prepare representatives of LSUs for better cooperation with civil society organizations, and to build their knowledge and skills in Project Cycle Management. So far 3 out of 5 training modules have been delivered, and it is expected that this process will end in March 2013.

It is to expect that good preparation of local authorities and civil society organizations in creating projects, as well as their increased cooperation and mutual understanding, will mostly benefit the local population. These trainings will result in implementation of better projects aiming at local problems and contribute to the realization of local development strategies to the extent where civil society organizations can provide their expertise.

Besides activities on capacity development of LSUs, the LOD III project, in cooperation with the project of Technical Assistance to Civil Society Organizations (TACSO BiH), another project funded by the EU, has organized one-day trainings, in all 11 partner LSUs, for civil society organizations on creation of logical framework matrixes. Creation of logical framework matrix is an important tool in preparation of project proposals that has been introduced, as an EU standard, into LSU’s budget funding of civil society organization’s future projects. This will prepare civil society organizations not only for future LSUs public calls, but also for various grants available through EU funding.

Aforementioned activities match public calls that LOD III project and 11 partner LSU will publish by the end of January 2013. Partner local self governance units within LOD III project are: Bosanska Krupa, Capljina, Kozarska Dubica, Livno, Lukavac, Ljubinje, Novi Grad, Srbac, Stari Grad Sarajevo, Teslic and Zepce.