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Via Dinarica - Additional USD 2.7 million for the improvement of outdoors tourism

Tourism promotion and boosting BiH's competitiveness are the focus of USD 2.7 million worth investment for the Via Dinarica project, provided by the…

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Delegation of the Swedish Embassy in BiH and UNDP pays a visit to the Music Academy

The visit marks the launch of the second phase of energy renovation of the Music Academy, implemented as part of the UNDP’s Green Economic Development project (GED) funded by the Government of Sweden.…  

With the support of Sweden Bosnia and Herzegovina becomes a regional pioneer in energy management

To accelerate setting up of energy management in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Government of Sweden is allocating additional grant funding of 1.2 million KM to the Green Economic Development Project…  

European Union's EU4Business Project boosts Country's Agri-Food Sector

The European Union’s EU4Business project granted financial support worth a total of 1.6 million BAM to 10 agricultural holdings, who will co-fund their activities with more than 1.3 million BAM  

The meeting of the Project Board of "Environmentally Sound Management of Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) in industrial and hazardous waste sectors"

Considering the very serious situation with the pyralen in the area of the Business zone "Incel", on the initiative of Minister Golic, today all Project Board members agreed to allocate funds from…  

New model of financing for modernization of public lightning systems in Bosnia and Herzegovina presented

To modernize municipal public lightning the UNDP, with the support of the Government of Slovak Republic, conducted analysis in order to identify the optimal business model for energy efficient…  

Preliminary list - Public call Via Dinarica

Preliminary list - Public call Via Dinarica - is available in BCS language only. Click on link for more information  

Local Integrated Development Project results presented in Sarajevo – Stories from the field show that Bosnia and Herzegovina can do better

Unemployment, poor quality of public services, corruption, and business-unfriendly environment are just some of the many challenges Bosnia and Herzegovina is faced with. However, in recent years, a…  

12 new projects to improve delivery of services and rural development in Republika Srpska

Representatives of 12 local governments and the Investment and Development Bank of Republika Srpska signed contracts on implementation of projects that aim to improve quality of life of citizens, in…  

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