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  • N-TIM Academy Inaugurated in SrebrenicaAug 1, 2016Today in Srebrenica, the summer school of hobbies “N-TIM Academy,” which will take place between 1st and 26th of August 2016, has been inaugurated. At N-TIM Academy, 160 students between 3rd and 9th grade of elementary schools in Bratunac and Srebrenica will develop new practical skills. “N-TIM Academy” is organized by the United Nations Development Fund (UNDP), the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), the Istanbul International Centre for Private Sector in Development (IICPSD), and the Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry Education Foundation (BUTGEM).

  • Green Economic Development project prompts new jobsAug 1, 2016Environmental Fund of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina announced a public call for distribution of 2016. Revolving Fund funds for the financing of energy efficiency projects. The total budget available for this public call is 2,000,000.00 KM, and more information about the terms can be found on the website of the Environmental Fund of the FBiH

  • 18 municipalities and cities selected in the first implementation phase of the Municipal Environmental and Economic Governance (MEG) project worth 21 million convertible marksJul 25, 2016At the first meeting of the Project Board of the Municipal Environmental and Economic Governance (MEG) Project, the list of partner municipalities and cities that will be supported within the scope of this intervention was presented. The MEG Project is funded by the Government of Switzerland, which chose the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) as the implementer.

  • The First Integrated Methodology for Development of Flood Hazard Maps and Risk Maps in BiHJul 15, 2016Within the framework of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Project „Technology transfer for climate resilient flood management in Vrbas River Basin", presentation of the first integrated methodology for development of flood hazard maps and risk maps in Bosnia and Herzegovina, was held in Sarajevo.

  • EU/UNDP project forges partnerships between local authorities and civil societyJul 13, 2016The final conference of the project "Reinforcement of Local Democracy IV - LOD", that helped establish partnerships between local authorities and civil society across the country, was held today in Sarajevo.

  • Additional local governments joined the project "Strengthening the role of local communities in BiH"Jun 30, 2016The citizens are in the center of the project "Strengthening the role of local communities in BiH", which is a joint initiative of the Government of Switzerland and Sweden, and as of today municipalities of Ljubuski, Nevesinje, Zenica, Ilijas, Olovo, Rudo, Ljubinje, Trnovo RS and Pale-Praca , joined the project.

  • First 50 years of UNDP: Poverty eradication by 2030 - the Organisation's priority goalJun 25, 2016At Wilson Promenade in Sarajevo, near the UN Building, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has held the first in a series of 5 events for citizens, commemorating a half-century since its founding and 20 years of its operations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Results of Public Call for selection of projects for rehabilitation of landslides in municipalities in the territory of Federation of BiHJun 16, 2016Based on the collected information and in accordance to the terms of scoring, the Commission for the evaluation and ranking of projects submitted to the Public Call has chosen the following locations for the implementation of projects of rehabilitation of landslides in the territory of the Federation BiH: BIHAĆ – landslide Gornji Rekići; VISOKO – landslide Klisa; ZENICA – landslide Bare; NOVO SARAJEVO – landslide K1 i K2 Pofalići; and USORA – landslide Pejići.

  • Recruitment of women, gender trainings key to establishing modern armies in the Western BalkansJun 15, 2016Belgrade, Serbia, 15 June – It’s time for many more women to join the ranks of the military in the Western Balkans, said the U.N. development programme (UNDP), concluding the first phase of a three-year programme that has trained over 4,000 cadres on principles of gender equality.

  • Public call to partner local government to submit project proposals for 13 municipalities and citiesJun 14, 2016This public call (for Banja Luka, Bijeljina, Doboj, Gradiška, Mostar, Maglaj, Odžak, Orašje, Prijedor, Srebrenik, Šamac, Tuzla and Žepče) is part of the Local Integrated Development Project 2016-2018 (LID), financed by the European Union and implemented by UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in cooperation with the State Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees, the Ministry of Development, Entrepreneurship and Crafts of the Federation of BiH, the Ministry of Administration and Local Self-Government of RS and the two Associations of Cities and Municipalities.

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