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  • KM 1.2 million allocated to energy efficiency projects of four public buildings in Sarajevo Canton Jun 21, 2017

    Sukhrob Khoshmukhamedov, the UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in BiH and Čedomir Lukić, Minister of Spatial Planning, Construction and Environmental Protection of the Sarajevo Canton, signed the Cost Sharing Agreement for the “Green Economic Development” Project for the part which refers to “Increasing of Energy Efficiency in Public Buildings in Sarajevo Canton.”

  • Energy efficiency projects generate new jobs in BiH Jun 16, 2017

    Sezin Sinanoglu, Resident Representative of UNDP CO in BiH, and Srebrenka Golić, Minister of Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology of RS, by revealing a plaque officially marked the completion of thermal insulation works on one of the oldest buildings in Banja Luka. The faculty building is renovated within “Green Economic Development” Project.

  • UNDP BiH and Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH support growth of wood industry in BiH Jun 15, 2017

    UNDP BiH and the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH signed a Memorandum of Understanding aiming to support growth of wood industry as the strongest export oriented sector in BiH.

  • Via Dinarica supports development of rural tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina Jun 15, 2017

    Via Dinarica project organized two training sessions for strengthening the capacities of rural households who offering bed-and-breakfast services and for those with the potential to be developed as rural tourism facilities, located along the Green Trail- the lower belt of the Dinaric Alps and encompasses the forest area of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)- of “Via Dinarica” rails.

  • Tuzla and Doboj are richer for an online platform DRAS that tracks threats of floods and landslides Jun 15, 2017

    DRAS is an online platform, developed by UNDP, that provides accurate information to citizens and decision makers on exposure to floods and landslides. Currently the platform is available for Tuzla and Doboj cities. The development of DRAS platform was financed by the Government of Turkey. Publicly available parts of DRAS can be accessed via

  • 200 ideas for a better local community Jun 12, 2017

    Over 200 business ideas from various areas with a social responsibility component were presented during six Start-up Days #Kreni, which were held in Tešanj, Zenica, Sarajevo, Ljubuški, Bijeljina and Banja Luka, gathering more than 1,000 participants from 25 partner local communities on the project Strengthening the role of local communities in BiH, a joint project of the Government of Switzerland and the Government of Sweden, implemented by UNDP.

  • Demining returns land back to the people in Bosnia and Herzegovina Jun 7, 2017

    Bosnia and Herzegovina's soil, even 20 years after the war, remains a major threat due the large number of unexploded mines.

  • MEG project: Improving water supply services for more than 60,000 citizens in municipalities of Kalesija and Žepče Jun 6, 2017

    Signing of Public Service Agreement between municipalities and utility companies in Kalesija and Žepče, for the first time systematically regulated all the rights, obligations and responsibilities of municipal bodies and water supply utility companies, which will result with the improved quality of public water services for more than 60.000 citizens who live in these municipalities.

  • Setting priority measures for reducing flood damages easier to decision-makers Jun 5, 2017

    In order to enable local institutions to better prepare and mitigate the devastating effects of floods, it is necessary to know the extent, strength, depth and probability of occurrence of these phenomena. All information required by the competent flood risk management authorities are now contained in the flood hazard and risk maps, which were made for the first time in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the Vrbas River basin and its largest tributaries, Pliva and Vrbanja.

  • UNDP and the EU continues to support the development of small and medium enterprises through grants: a million BAM for 250 new jobs in BiH Jun 1, 2017

    Within the scope of the LID project, which is funded by the EU and implemented by UNDP BiH, grants have been awarded to 19 SMEs for supporting technological development and implementation of new investments.