In May 2014 the heaviest rainfall in more than a century hit Bosnia and Herzegovina, causing intense floods that affected 1 million people and destroyed infrastructure, businesses, livelihoods, farms and crops.

Since the start of the disaster the UN has been working closely with the BIH authorities, World Bank, bilateral donors and the EU to ensure prompt and efficient aid delivery. The UN is coordinating the International Community response to the floods to address the immediate effects of the disaster.

Projects and Initiatives

Building Disaster Resilience

Disasters put hard won development achievements at risk, reversing economic growth and progress towards the elimination of poverty; cause environmental damage; and result in human suffering. During 2015 – 2019, UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina will strategically focus on coordination support and capacity development for prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. more

News and Stories

Emergency Contacts

122 Police
121 Civil Protection Call Center

State Ministry for Security Operation Comm Center

+387 (0)33 492 785
+387 (0)33 492 778

FBIH Unit for Civil Protection Operation Center

+387 (0)33 767 530
+387 (0)33 767 560

RS Unit for Civil Protection
+387 (0)57 344 258

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