In May 2014 the heaviest rainfall in more than a century hit Bosnia and Herzegovina, causing intense floods that affected 1 million people and destroyed infrastructure, businesses, livelihoods, farms and crops.

Since the start of the disaster the UN has been working closely with the BIH authorities, the EU, World Bank and bilateral donors to ensure prompt and efficient aid delivery. The UN was coordinating the International Community response to the floods to address the immediate effects of the disaster. Today, the UN agencies implement the EU Floods Recovery Programme (EURO 43.5 million) financed by the EU and UN Floods Recovery Programme “Danas za nas” (USD 14.8 million) which is financed by bilateral donors.

Floods Recovery

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Programmes and Initiatives

EU Floods Recovery Programme

On 15 August the European Union launched the EU Floods Recovery Programme for Bosnia and Herzegovina worth 43.52 million EUR, out of which the EU’s contribution is 42.24 million EUR, while UNDP participates with 1.28 million EUR. The Programme consists of different components all of which aim to assist with the normalization of peoples' lives in flood-affected areas and communities in 24 most-affected municipalities. more

UN Floods Recovery Programme

UN Floods Recovery Programme Danas Za Nas

The UN Floods Recovery Programme “Danas za nas” was launched in August 2014 aiming to reestablish normal living conditions, preserve jobs, support local economies and increase disaster resilience in more than 25 flood affected communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Financed by 16 bilateral donors, this USD 14.8 million worth programme is implemented by the UN agencies. more

Building Disaster Resilience

Disasters put hard won development achievements at risk, reversing economic growth and progress towards the elimination of poverty; cause environmental damage; and result in human suffering. During 2015 – 2019, UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina will strategically focus on coordination support and capacity development for prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery. more

News and Stories

  • Yuri Afanasiev, UN Resident Coordinator

    “A Year for the Record Books”

    "We can achieve great things together when we want to. The outpouring of solidarity and mutual assistance during and after the floods is testimony to our collective human spirit. Let’s all try to make 2015 not another record year for the difficulties we experience, but a record year of achievement we collectively reach!"more

Results achieved within the EU Floods Recovery Programme and UN Floods Recovery Programme "Danas za nas" by 31st December 2014


1,238 unemployed persons were supported through Cash for Work programme in 11 municipalities.

12,674 most vulnerable families were supported with the provision of livestock feed and greenhouses for vegetables and fruit.

56 small and medium enterprises were supported that directly sustain 1,860 jobs.

15 water and sanitation systems were rehabilitated.

21 bridges and 11 roads were repaired.

Rehabilitation of the central heating system in Doboj was performed on time and made ready for the new heating season benefiting 40,000 citizens and over 100 local businesses and public buildings.

32 landslides that affect households and public infrastructure were rehabilitated.

Close to a 1,000 homes of most socially and economically vulnerable people were rehabilitated including 150 homes of people living in collective centers enabling return to their homes.

88 public buildings (educational institutions, healthcare centers, municipal administration buildings, centers for social welfare, youth culture centers) are rehabilitated. As part of build back better concept, most of these buildings are now energy efficient and will save up to 30% in heating bills.

17 health centers are provided with necessary medical equipment and for some provision of medical vehicles including mobile health units, ambulance vehicle and vehicles for transportation of patients to dialysis.
All rehabilitated educational institutions received needed furniture and equipment and playgrounds of 10 of them were adequately equipped.

Planned for 2015


1,027 most vulnerable agricultural producers will be supported during the course of the next year and 700 of them will be integrated into value chains in the agricultural sector.

15 water and sanitation systems, 26 bridges and 38 roads are planned to be rehabilitated.

Public sanitation services in the 10 most affected local governments will be restored.

Flood defense measures will be provided to 5 priority localities along the flood-causing rivers and their tributaries.

41 public buildings will be rehabilitated.

Additional medical equipment for 4 health centers for complete refurbishment will be purchased.

3,000 homes will be rehabilitated by May 2015 and one village with 20 pre-fabricated houses will be rebuilt.

Comprehensive Floods and Landslides Housing Risk Assessment will be conducted.

Emergency Contacts

122 Police
121 Civil Protection Call Center

State Ministry for Security Operation Comm Center

+387 (0)33 492 785
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FBIH Unit for Civil Protection Operation Center

+387 (0)33 767 530
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RS Unit for Civil Protection
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