What We Do

The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN’s global development network, working in some 170 countries and territories. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are committed to helping the country through strengthened national and local capacities to carry out political, economic and social reforms and development. UNDP annually spends nearly USD 30 million in BIH through its four key focus areas: Justice and Security, Social Inclusion and Democratic Governance, Rural and Regional Development, and Energy and Environment. Additionally, UNDP is the custodian of the Resident Coordinator system, thereby collaborating closely with other UN Agencies which account for a further USD 20 million in programme spending.

Our Goals

Since 1996, UNDP has been supporting the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina in moving from post-conflict recovery towards sustainable development. more

EU STAR Project improves safety of people and communities in BiH

EU STAR project's mission is to reduce risks and threats concerning peace, stability and development in BiH, by contributing to the improvement of a sustainable stockpile management system in the country.more

Our Stories

The process of making "Kupres cheese"

Kupres Cheese Seizes Local Market

Canton 10 is among the poorest regions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with high unemployment rate, especially among the returnees and vulnerable groups. Small farmers from dispersedmore 

Financing heating costs for low-efficiency public buildings is one of the biggest problems for public administrations countrywide

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Although rich in sources of renewable energy, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the earliest stages of developing its enormous potential and uses about 20% of itsmore 

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Projects and Initiatives

  • Birač Region Development and Cooperation Project (BIRAČ)

    The project is a joint initiative of UNDP, UNICEF and UNHCR. It builds on previous and on-going support to the municipalities in the Birač region and argues for inter-municipal and regional cooperation to support bottom-up partnership approach to development and foster territorial cohesion, following the EU LEADER-like principles.more 

  • Scaling up Universal Access for Most at Risk Populations in Bosnia and Herzegovina (HIV/AIDS Round 9)

    The project addresses the issues of HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment through a series of targeted actions aimed at reducing HIV transmission and improving HIV treatment, and by providing care and support for those populations most at risk.more 

  • Access to Justice: Supporting the Rule of Law and Transitional Justice

    Access to justice for the poor and marginalised is not guaranteed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to a fragmented and poorly developed free legal aid (FLA) system in the country, and the lack of harmonised legislation at the State level. Therefore, free legal aid is only available in a limited number of jurisdictions and, where legislation is in place, governmental free legal aid services are underequipped, understaffed, and lack quality monitoring tools and professional training. In addition, the general public are not aware of their rights on free legal aid services.more 

  • Green Economic Development (GED)

    The GREEN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT project aims to institutionalize the energy management activities within the public sector buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Those activities contribute and are in line with EU directives (Energy Service Directive, EPBD directive), the Energy Community Treaty and BiH’s obligation to report on current energy consumption and energy savings in accordance with Energy Efficiency Action Plans. Currently local authorities and relevant ministries lack of human and financial resources to cover these activities.more 

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