Energy and Environment

Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are essential components of a European future for countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a generally low awareness of the interdependence between environment and development, national priority setting in this area is quite limited. UNDP focuses its support on ensuring that Bosnia and Herzegovina has the human and financial resources to sustainably use its environmental and natural resources, that it meets the EU Environmental Acquis and creates green, resilient economic growth and sustainable livelihoods for its population. The ultimate goal of the Energy and Environment Sector in BiH is to fundamentally change the understanding of the environment, including water resources, and sustainable energy issues in the country, from the current perception of being a burden to being an important current and future development asset. more

Biodiversity protection in Livanjsko polje

The main objective of the project "Mainstreaming Karst Peatland Rehabilitation concerns into key economic sectors" – KARST was to support the process of spatial planning at the cantonal level, with emphasis on the biodiversity conservation with development of rules for the use and management of karst fields.more

Our Stories

Ilija Brdar, a 65-year-old returnee to Lohovo, a village of about 25 returnee households in the Municipality of Bihać in western Bosnia watering his garden.

Water finding its way

Securing Access to Water through Institutional Development and Infrastructure in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Despite the abundant water resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina, access to safe drinkingmore 

Financing heating costs for low-efficiency public buildings is one of the biggest problems for public administrations countrywide

Sustainable Energy Solutions

Although rich in sources of renewable energy, Bosnia and Herzegovina is in the earliest stages of developing its enormous potential and uses about 20% of itsmore 

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Increasing Energy Efficiency

Projects and Initiatives

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Biomass Energy for Employment and Energy Security Project

    Bosnia and Herzegovina has significant biomass energy resources, and the rural population in particular is highly dependent on wood for energy. However, despite the large potential for biomass energy, a number of interrelated market barriers – including the limited availability of financing, a lack of business models and management skills, limited information availability and low awareness – combine to restrict the self-sustaining growth of this market. more 

  • Climate Change Facility for BiH Cities

    Awareness on energy efficiency and sustainable energy is still quite low in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Public buildings in BiH use heating systems that 'burn' both energy and public budgets. Recent studies have shown that the building sector consumes 57% of BiH’s total energy (compared to below 40% in EU countries). The average public building uses 220 kWh/m2 annually for heating purposes, an amount categorised as completely energy inefficient, according to the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). more 

  • Green Economic Development (GED)

    From an energy consumption perspective, Bosnia and Herzegovina is characterized as a country with very high inefficiency within the residential, non-residential/public, industry and service sector. At the same time however, Bosnia and Herzegovina has one of the most significant energy conservation potentials in the region and could base its further mid-term economic development and generation of new employment on energy efficiency improvement measures in the residential and public sector.more 

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