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HIV and stigma: A birth ushers in new era for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina passed a milestone in its effort to end HIV-related stigma and discrimination when a baby was born via C-section in January to HIV-positive parents in Sarajevo.   “We all know how much blood there can be when a cesarean section is performed, but there was no hesitation ormore


Users at the centre: Building a case for e-accessibility

Imagine you have a visual impairment – how do you use a bank machine? How do you check-in for your flight or buy your bus ticket at the machine? What hardware and software would you need to search for jobs online? What if you have a hearing impairment – how do you access the information that everyonmore


Youth unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina: How much rejection can you take?

I was at the most unusual exhibition. Contemporary art. Installation. Real life. Call it whatever you want, but it was not a common thing to see. Imagine a wall of panels, 10 metres long, with more than 100 rejection letters from various institutions. A 26 year old history professor, Dušan Jokić, ismore