Social Inclusion and Democratic Governance

The Social Inclusion and Governance Sector assists BiH central, entity and local governments to achieve higher standards of governance effectiveness through better planning, budgeting, provision of public goods to citizens and accountability. By tackling these challenges UNDP influences the policy level, which affects the lives of ordinary citizens and particularly the most vulnerable groups. Through the implementation of more inclusive citizen-centred policies and legislation related to EU accession, the Sector provides support to activities targeting socially excluded groups in rural communities, refugees and IDPs, disabled people, the elderly, Roma, and people living with HIV and tuberculosis. Democratic governance is mainstreamed through the activities of the Social Inclusion and Democratic Governance Sector and is mainly focused on local governance, inclusive citizen-centered policies and legislation related to EU accession. In-Depth

Our Goals

Measurable contributions to poverty reduction are routinely a feature of Rural and Regional Development Sector activities...Our Goals

Opening of reconstructed laboratories for diagnosis of tuberculosis

The reconstruction of laboratories will enable laboratories to improve working conditions in accordance with recommended infection control measures and WHO guidelines. After reconstruction, the laboratories also fulfill the BSL 2 safety recommendations (bio-safety level 2), which provides for safer working conditions for laboratory employees and better processing quality of laboratory analyses results.more

Our Stories

Zahira Virani, UNDP Deputy Resident Representative in BiH (left) and Vesna Hadžiosmanović, Head of the HIV/AIDS Department (right)

HIV and stigma: A birth ushers in new era for Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina passed a milestone in its effort to end HIV-related stigma and discrimination when a baby was born via C-section in January to HIV-positivemore 

Employment centres across the country offer job and skills training and help young people find jobs

Youth unemployment in Bosnia and Herzegovina: How much rejection can you take?

A STORY BY PAVLE BANJAC - I was at the most unusual exhibition. Contemporary art. Installation. Real life. Call it whatever you want, but it wasmore 

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