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28 families in the Alzirac settlement in Samac returned home through the EU Floods Recovery Programme

The initial objective of the EU Floods Recovery Programme was to rehabilitate 600 priority housing units in the flooded areas across BiH by the end of 2014, focusing on assisting the most vulnerable persons to return to their homes before the winter. Thanks to the accelerated pace of rehabilitationmore


Bosnia and Herzegovina - #1 at “lending a leg” to ban landmines

4 April, 2013 was the 14th anniversary of the Landmine Ban Convention, which is celebrated as the International Day of Mine Awareness and Assistance in Mine Action. While 161 states have signed the Mine Ban Treaty, there are still 36 who have not—and millions of people continue to live under the thrmore


Bosnia and Herzegovina chooses life without weapons

Dubica is a small city on the border between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. In the past six months, this seemingly peaceful municipality was shaken by several serious and violent incidents committed with illegal weapons. Two and a half hours away, in the town of Modriča, teenagers recently bromore


EU launches post-flood housing rehabilitation in the Alžirac settlement in Šamac

The rehabilitation works on 28 priority dwellings in the Šamac neighbourhood of Alžirac have been launched this week as part of the European Union Floods Recovery Programme. These EU-funded rehabilitation works mark the beginning of housing repair works in this neighbourhood.   “We have receivemore

EU's post-floods emergency housing rehabilitation delivers results in Banja Luka

Rehabilitation works on 45 priority housing units have been completed in Banja Luka as part of the EU Floods Recovery Programme, with works on an additional 21 units currently underway. The rehabilitated housing units are located in the Lazarevo neighbourhood of Banja Luka, which was significantly dmore


EUFOR and BiH Armed Forces launch post-flood reconstruction of the Jasenica Bridge in Zvornik

The engineering battalion of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Mobile Training Team of EUFOR's Hungarian Contingent launched today the post-flood reconstruction of the Jasenica steel bridge in Zvornik. The reconstruction works are financed jointly by the European Union through its Fmore


Project explode: Disarmament for a safer Bosnia and Herzegovina

STORY BY CHRISTOPHER BRAY - There are over 17,000 tons of surplus ammunition in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because they’re chemically unstable, they pose a constant threat to the security of people and the environment. Right now, I’m an intern with UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina, working on an aptly namore


When the sum is greater than the parts: working together for a safer Bosnia and Herzegovina

The topic is sensitive, the stakes are high, but is it possible to develop a comprehensive strategy for small arms control with hardly any funds? Our experience shows that it is. The secret? Getting everyone on board and focusing on a common objective. In April 2013, as the team responsible for smalmore

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