• The Census Started and Completed, the Old Problems Remained

    05 Nov 2013

    The Census Started and Completed, the Old Problems Remained

    According to the official Population Census of 1991, the number of 8964 of the Roma population lived in Bosnia and Herzegovina; however, the Roma non-governmental organizations, around 80 of them in BiH, have concluded that this number is much higher, estimating the number of the Roma population currently living in Bosnia and Herzegovina to range from 85,000 – 100,000.

    This indicates that the Roma population mainly declared themselves, during the 1991 Census, as Yugoslavs, Moslems, Serbs, Croats and, to a great extent, none of the offered options, and the cause for such a situation was the fear of discrimination, which would negatively reflect on the social prosperity of the Roma.

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About the Author
Dervo Sejdić

Dervo Sejdić is a prominent Bosnian Roma and vice president of NGO Kali Sara Roma Information Center. He currently holds the position of coordinator of the Roma Council of Bosnia and Herzegovina.