Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP)

What is the project about?

 Shaping up the vision on the future strategic planning system in the entity of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Shaping up the vision on the future strategic planning system in the entity of Republika Srpska, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Local governments are well placed to facilitate change at the local level and carry out policies to reduce poverty and improve the quality of life. However, local governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina lack the capacity to be drivers of development, while scarce financial resources, an ineffective decentralisation process and the absence of clear policy frameworks at the higher levels of government (Cantonal, Entity and State) additionally hamper the local development process.

More than 80% of local governments have prepared their development strategies, but these remain isolated from the strategies and budgets of the Cantonal, Entity and State governments.  Furthermore, municipalities lack the capacity to transform their strategic priorities into implementable action, to create pipelines of feasible projects, to attract external financial resources and to steer local development in partnership with the private sector and local communities. All these factors impede the successful realisation of local strategies and limit socio-economic development results. As the integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina into the European Union (EU) poses both challenges and development potential for local governments, the ILDP assists them to become better prepared for the effective utilisation of EU financial assistance.

What we do?

 Improvement of educational facilities in rural areas in Municipality of Doboj Istok.
Improvement of educational facilities in rural areas in Municipality of Doboj Istok.

The Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP), as an integral pillar of the UNDP Rural and Regional Development Sector, provides support to help strengthen local development planning and the realisation of local strategies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project approach provides a “bridge” between the strategic and budgetary frameworks of local and higher levels of government and also provides assistance to 40 local governments to design their integrated local strategies and to successfully implement them in partnership with their communities.

What have we accomplished so far?

  • In 2009, a blueprint for local development planning - the Methodology for Integrated Local Development Planning in Bosnia and Herzegovina (MiPRO) was adopted by both Entity governments, thus enabling the country-wide systematic preparation of local strategies in accordance with EU principles.
  • So far, 40% of local governments have created development strategies encompassing social, economic and environmental aspects, aligned with the strategies of the higher levels of government, municipal budgets and spatial plans. In addition, 28% of local governments have introduced systemic operational processes and structures for integrated municipal management.
  • Implementation of 47 projects, amounting to over USD 3.9 million, supported in partner local governments, contributing directly to the implementation of local strategies and improving the quality of life for the citizens. Out of the total projects’ value, the local governments contribute with 53%, the ILDP with 42% and 5% are funds from other sources.
  • 133 training courses on local development planning and management and municipal service delivery were offered to nearly 1,994 representatives from 40 local governments and their communities.  
  • 40 Local Community Partnerships were established to ensure community-led development planning and implementation of local priorities, with a total outreach to more than 3,000 citizens.
  • The ILDP created the momentum for the bottom-up creation of a coherent development planning system in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by gradually harmonising and vertically aligning local, cantonal and Entity development planning frameworks. In cooperation with institutional partners - FBiH Development Planning Institute and the FBiH Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Administration and Local Self Government of RS, RS Ministry for Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation, and RS Ministry of Finances, both entity Associations of Municipalities and Cities launched consultative processes that resulted in vision defining for strategic planning system in both entities. In FBiH, this vision is transmitted into the Draft FBiH Law on Development Planning and Management, which is currently in parliamentary procedure.
  • In order to systematically support the implementation of development priorities at the local level, with the support of ILDP, financing mechanisms in both entities were established to fund projects that stem from development strategies of local governments. The total financial volume of these mechanisms amounts to USD 1,884,000 (USD 800,000 contribution from the ILDP, USD 770,000 co-funding by entity governments and USD 314,000 - by local governments).
  • A harmonised approach to strategic planning at the cantonal level in FBiH was defined and has already been sucessfully applied in planning processes in Una-Sana and Western Herzegovina Canton. Additional 7 cantons have initiated planning processes in line with the harmonized approach.

Continued action

  1. A critical mass of local governments, hand in hand with their communities, are now applying a harmonised approach to development planning and are capable of steering the implementation of activities that address local priorities. 
  2. Cantonal, Entity and State governments now design enabling policies and strategic and financial frameworks, which incorporate local priorities and thus make their successful implementation possible.
  3. Local development processes are increasingly community-led and characterised by development partnerships between private, civic and public stakeholders.

Who finances it?

ILDP Phase I  
Donor Name Amount contributed per year
Government of Switzerland $  2,235
Government of Switzerland $  149,525
UNDP $  225,891
Government of Switzerland $  528,822
UNDP $  151,417
Government of Switzerland $  845,108
UNDP $  91,575
Government of Switzerland $  963,375
UNDP $  13,165
Government of BiH $  155,784

(Government of BiH - Municipalities Bosanska Krupa, Buzim, Kotor Varos, Ljubinje, Samac, Bugojno, Kladanj, Odzak, Trnovo, Kladanj)

$ILDP Phase II  
Donor Name Amount contributed per year
Government of Switzerland $348.713
UNDP $  27,858
Government of Switzerland $ 1,398,447
UNDP $  153,286
Government of BiH $  102,236
Government of Switzerland $  1,417,181
UNDP $  136,532
Government of BiH $  344,495
Government of Switzerland $  2,399,958
$  32,324
Government of BiH $ 376,378

(Government of BiH - Municipalities Prnjavor, Livno, Cazin, Lopare, Osmaci, Trnovo, Vlasenica, Kotor Varos, Bijeljina, Gracanica, Samac, Sanski Most, Srbac, Gradacac, Posusje, Zenica, Kljuc, Jablanica, Doboj Jug, Nevesinje, Bosanski Petrovac, Kostajnica, Velika Kladusa, Orasje, Mrkonjic Grad, Odzak, Bosanska Krupa, Bugojno, Buzim, Ljubuski, Ljubinje, Bihac, Jajce, Srebrenik, Novo Sarajevo, Maglaj and Una Sana Canton, Western Herzegovina Tuzla Canton, Sarajevo Canton, Zenica-Doboj Canton, Canton 10, Posavina Canton, Bosnian Podrinje Canton and Central Bosnia)

Delivery in previous fiscal year

DEC 2007 $  2,235
DEC 2008 $  375,416
DEC 2009 $  680,239
DEC 2010 $  936,683
DEC 2011 $  1,132,323
DEC 2012 $  376,571
DEC 2013 $ 1,653,969

Geographic Coverage

Project Overview
Project start date
Estimated end date
Geographic Coverage
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Focus Area
Rural and Regional Development
Project Manager
Aida Laković-Hošo
Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH, Ministry of Justice of FBiH, Ministry of Administration and Local Self Government of RS, Association of Cities and Municipalities of FBiH, Association of Cities and Municipalities of RS, and selected municipalities and cantons
Government of Switzerland



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