Rural and Regional Development

  • Reinforcement of Local Democracy IV (LOD IV)Reinforcement of Local Democracy IV (LOD IV)Action taken at the local level has emerged as a successful way to avert social exclusion and promote democracy. As local governments are closer to the inhabitants of towns, cities and municipalities, they are obviously in the best position to understand and address local problems and demands, within the limited resources that are available. However, BiH local governments still lack the capacity to allow them to be instigators of development results.

  • Municipal Training SystemMunicipal Training SystemLocal governments in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) face a number of challenges posed by a constantly changing regulatory framework, and increasing demands for participatory local development and the improvement of public services. These challenges can only be successfully addressed by a local administration staffed with qualified and motivated individuals.

  • Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP)Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP)The Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP), as an integral pillar of the UNDP Rural and Regional Development Sector, provides support to help strengthen local development planning and the realisation of local strategies in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project approach provides a “bridge” between the strategic and budgetary frameworks of local and higher levels of government and also provides assistance to 40 local governments to design their integrated local strategies and to successfully implement them in partnership with their communities.

  • Srebrenica Regional Recovery Programme (SRRP) Srebrenica Regional Recovery Programme (SRRP)The name Srebrenica has come to represent all the horrors of war and conjures up images of mass human loss and tragedy. Even today, the region has not fully recovered from the events and destruction, which occurred during the 1992-1995 conflict. As such, Srebrenica and the surrounding region remains one of the most depressed in the country, lagging behind on most indicators.

  • River Vrbas Basin Environmental Protection and Tourism Development Programme -“CLEAN VRBAS”River Vrbas Basin Environmental Protection and Tourism Development Programme -“CLEAN VRBAS”Rivers do not stop at administrative or political boundaries. The only way to protect and use rivers is therefore through the collaborative efforts of all the stakeholders within the natural geographical river basins.

  • Migration and DevelopmentMigration and DevelopmentThe role of migration in development, poverty reduction and economic growth is substantial and its benefits affect both the countries of destination and the countries of origin. Specifically, migration contributes to economic growth and development by enhancing any country’s trade, investment and development linkages, including by serving as a channel for development finance (remittances), the transfer of skills and ideas, and the establishment of commercial and cultural networks.

  • Birač Region Development and Cooperation Project (BIRAC)Birač Region Development and Cooperation Project (BIRAC)Located in eastern BiH, the Birač region covers geographically coherent territories of Bratunac, Milići, Srebrenica, Šekovići, Vlasenica and Zvornik municipalities. Although it is endowed with abundant natural resources, the region is faced with great development challenges, which stem from the devastating consequences of the 1992-1995 war and thereafter difficult overall socio-economic transition.

  • Via Dinarica: A Platform for Sustainable Tourism Development and Local Economic GrowthVia Dinarica: A Platform for Sustainable Tourism Development and Local Economic GrowthThe project aims to contribute to the reduction of economic, social, and regional disparities in BiH through the affirmation of the Via Dinarica as a regional tourism destination and increase BiH’s competitiveness in nature-based tourism.

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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN’s global development network, working in 177 countries and territories. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are committed to helping the country through strengthened national and local capacities to carry out political, economic and social reforms and development.

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Resident Coordinator Annual Report
Resident Coordinator Annual Report 2012

B&H experienced a challenging year in terms of maintaining political stability as well as making progress with regard to the European Union (EU) integration process, which declaratorily remains a key strategic and developmental objective for the country.


Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Myth and Reality

What is the state of human development in the rural areas of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the majority of its people live? Do they have jobs and decent incomes? Do they have proper access to health care and education? Are they connected by good roads, services and telecommunications? Are they involved in the mainstream of social and political life? How important is agriculture in rural life? These are the questions which this eighth Human Development
Report for Bosnia and Herzegovina sets out to answer.