Like for Smart Energy

Promotion of smart energy use

As part of the Green Economic Development (GED) Project, UNDP with the support of the Government of Sweden, Fund for Environmental Protection of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency of Republika Srpska and in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH is implementing a campaign Like for Smart Energy, so that children and adults work together to improve energy efficiency in their homes, schools, workplaces.

The main character of the campaign implemented throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina is professor Atom. He is a scientist, a wizard who has an answer to every question regarding energy efficiency. The Professor educates youth and adults about energy efficiency and gives useful advice on various ways of smart energy savings.

If you want to read tips on how to save energy in your everyday life, visit our website

Activities within the campaign Like for Smart Energy

ProfesorAtomKidsFestMarking World Environment Day June 5 2017


If you want to read tips on how to save energy in your everyday life and reduce environmental pollution, check out our publications: 200 Advices on Smart Energy and Accept One Ton Heavy Challenge.

Visits to BiH cities

During the period of school summer holidays, Professor Atom is visiting cities throughout BiH to share energy saving tips as well as interesting gifts that encourage smart energy use. During his visits, children can see that with the help of a "smart bicycle" they can use their own power to generate electricity. To test their knowledge, children can play the quiz "Znanjomat" (Knowledgemat). This summer, Professor Atom has a new surprise for the little folks.

Workshops in schools
Since 2015, Professor Atom has been visiting primary schools to acquaint the children with the theme of energy efficiency, and discuss with the children who adopt new knowledge through play. Professor Atom is trying to visit as many schools as possible. You can see the atmosphere from the workshops on the photos at Professor Atom's Facebook page

Competition “Like for the Science Team”
Professor Atom is aware that knowledge without application is meaningless, so he gave students a chance to show what they had learned. The "Like for the Science Team" competition gives the opportunity to groups of primary and secondary school students to prepare and present their scientific projects in front of the professional jury, and to win prizes. Competitions held in previous years have shown that the new generations are the small innovators and that they should be encouraged to keep exploring in the future.

Events "Researchers Night"
In addition to summertime educational and entertaining events, as a passionate science-lover, Professor Atom joined the Researchers Night as well, where he hung out with little scientists.

Video Materials

As part of the campaign Like for Smart Energy, short films about smart use of energy were shown that you can watch here

Photos and videos from various events

Check our photo gallery and videos posted on Like for Smart Energy website, Profesor Atom Facebook page or YouTube Channel.


Druženje sa Profesorom Atomom 2015


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