Bosnia and Herzegovina Biomass Energy for Employment and Energy Security Project

What is the project about?

 Assistance provided for the facilitation of wood biomass marketing and promotional activities within BiH
Assistance provided for the facilitation of wood biomass marketing and promotional activities within BiH

Bosnia and Herzegovina has significant biomass energy resources, and the rural population in particular is highly dependent on wood for energy. However, despite the large potential for biomass energy, a number of interrelated market barriers – including the limited availability of financing, a lack of business models and management skills, limited information availability and low awareness – combine to restrict the self-sustaining growth of this market.  

The project aims to enhance local experience and the key project objective is the reduction of CO2 emissions by installing biomass boilers in six elementary schools in the Srebrenica region. The project activities focus on the creation of sustainable markets for biomass energy. The domestic benefits include job creation, reduced emissions and the improved quality of heating. At the outset the project will target the education sector (primary schools) in the municipalities of Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milici.

The project activities will tackle the identified barriers to the widespread and market-based growth of modern biomass energy and are expected to result in:

  • An increased market demand for biomass energy;
  • A strengthened and expanded sustainable biomass fuel supply for the markets; and
  • Policy makers, the financial sector, fuel and technology suppliers and niche markets who have been fully briefed and convinced of the benefits and market opportunities for biomass energy.

What have we accomplished so far?

Project achievements include:

  • Baseline assessments of GHG emissions developed, published and distributed;
  • A cost/benefit analysis and survey of the risk/capacities for biomass use, biomass supply and demand in the Srebrenica region developed, published and distributed;
  • Heating systems in the project area assessed;
  • Five relevant solid bio-fuel EU standards translated into the local language in support of the National Institute for Standardisation and currently awaiting official adoption;
  • In co-operation with UNDP’s Srebrenica Regional Recovery Programme (SRRP), the heating distribution systems of six elementary schools  cleaned and repaired;
  • The BiH Biomass Association established and legally registered;
  • Assistance provided for the facilitation of wood biomass marketing and promotional activities within BiH;
  • With support from SRRP a biomass briquettes-fuelled boiler was installed in Srebrenica;
  • The publication 'Energy and Environment' adapted and translated and awareness-raising and training programmes for local teachers and pupils designed;
  • Teachers in primary and secondary schools received training (four training modules) on renewable energy sources with a focus on biomass, and were then able to share this knowledge with their students;
  • A competitive exhibition on renewable energy sources was organised; and
  • Activities were held on promotion and marketing in the biomass sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Who Finances it?

Donor Name

Amount contributed per year


Global Environmental Facility (GEF)

$     1,600.00



$  165,000.00



$  195,000.00



$  240,000.00



$  200,000.00

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic

$    50,000.00



$  165,250.00

Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Czech Republic

$  100,000.00





Delivery in previous fiscal year


$   232,203.00


$   194,212.00


$   163,206.00


$       1,591.00


Project Overview
Project start date:
Estimated end date:
Geographic coverage:
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Focus Area:
Energy and Environment
Project officer:
Amila Selmanagić-Bajrović
Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (MOFTER), RS Ministry for Education and Culture, RS Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining, RS Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management
Possibilities of Using Biomass from Forestry and Wood Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The objective of this study is to analyze indicators of available quantities of wood biomass and identify institutional and legislative preconditions for its mobilization and sustainable use.

Guidelines for the Management and Maintenance of Thermal Systems in Public Buildings

Guidelines for the management and maintenance of thermal systems in public buildings, with focus on boilers using biomass, are aiming to raise public awareness and familiar people that directly or indirectly operate and maintain these systems with practical information and advice for proper, safe and efficient operation of the system.

Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Biomass Energy Sector – with a Special Focus on Srebrenica Region

This study is the result of an attempt to summarize technical information regarding biomass energy baseline emissions and a cost-benefit analysis of the biomass energy sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a special focus on the Srebrenica region.

Analysis of woody biomass residue potential in BiH, with a special focus on Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milići Municipalities

The analysis indicates that woody biomass residues are more than sufficient for heating schools amongst the three municipalities of Srebrenica, Bratunac and Milići, where wood pellets and woodchips were found to be the most suitable types of woody biomass for energy.

Biomass energy Awareness in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a Special Focus on Srebrenica Region

Within the framework of the BiH Biomass Energy for Employment and Energy Security – Biomass project, UNDP has published a study on Biomass Energy Awareness in Bosnia and Hercegovina, with a special focus on Srebrenica region. The aim of this study has been to assess the level of awareness about biomass energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an effective, secure and environmentally-friendly source of energy, with a special focus on the Srebrenica region.

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Biomass Project Presentation


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