Energy and Environment

  • Green Economic Development (GED)

    The GREEN ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT project aims at the institutionalization of energy management activities within the public sector buildings in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Those activities contribute and are in line with EU directives (Energy Service Directive, EPBD directive), the Energy Community Treaty and BiH’s obligation to report on current energy consumption and energy savings in accordance with Energy Efficiency Action Plans.

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina Biomass Energy for Employment and Energy Security Project

    Bosnia and Herzegovina has significant biomass energy resources, and the rural population in particular is highly dependent on wood for energy. However, despite the large potential for biomass energy, a number of interrelated market barriers – including the limited availability of financing, a lack of business models and management skills, limited information availability and low awareness – combine to restrict the self-sustaining growth of this market.

  • Climate Change Facility for BiH Cities

    Awareness on energy efficiency and sustainable energy is still quite low in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). Public buildings in BiH use heating systems that 'burn' both energy and public budgets. Recent studies have shown that the building sector consumes 57% of BiH’s total energy (compared to below 40% in EU countries). The average public building uses 220 kWh/m2 annually for heating purposes, an amount categorised as completely energy inefficient, according to the EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS). It also puts a heavy burden on municipal budgets.

  • Technology transfer for climate resilient flood management in Vrbas River Basin

    This project will enable the government of BiH and communities of the Vrbas basin to adapt to flood risk through the transfer of adaptation technologies for climate resilient flood management and embark on climate resilient economic activities.

  • Strengthen Bosnia and Herzegovina Decision-Making Towards Becoming a Party to the Minamata Convention and Build Capacity for Implementation of Future Provisions

    The project makes initial steps in terms of preparation of Bosnia and Herzegovina for fulfillment of obligations of the Minamata convention on mercury. This encompasses activities which include conducting an initial mercury assessment in the country, based on which the requirements, specific obligations and further steps would be identified. Apart from this, B&H awareness and capacities will be built in parallel. This will lead to creation of an environment where the relevant institutions would have exact information on B&H circumstances in terms of mercury and lay baseline foundation for further action in order to sustainably continue with the implementation of the convention (once becoming a party of it).

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