Justice and Security

  • Building Disaster Resilience

    During 2015 – 2019, UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina will strategically focus on coordination support and capacity development for prevention, preparedness, mitigation, response, and recovery.

  • Explosive Ordnance and Remnants of War Destruction (Project EXPLODE)

    Project EXPLODE is a follow up to the Small Arms Control and Reduction project carried out by UNDP between 2005-2012. As uncontrolled explosions can cause the displacement of people living near ammunition depots and can have devastating safety and development implications for the local population and, indeed, may result in a humanitarian crisis, it is crucially important to prevent the uncontrolled explosion of old and unstable ammunition. The current project is therefore designed to support the efforts of the Ministry of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina by providing training to MoD personnel in the latest and safest ammunition destruction methods.

  • Access to Justice: Supporting the Rule of Law and Transitional Justice

    Access to justice for the poor and marginalised is not guaranteed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, due to a fragmented and poorly developed free legal aid (FLA) system in the country, and the lack of harmonised legislation at the State level. Therefore, free legal aid is only available in a limited number of jurisdictions and, where legislation is in place, governmental free legal aid services are underequipped, understaffed, and lack quality monitoring tools and professional training. In addition, the general public are not aware of their rights on free legal aid services.

  • Introduction of Victim/Witness Support Services Project

    In the period 1992-1995, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) was the site of a large-scale armed conflict characterised by systematic and widespread violations of international humanitarian law resulting in the loss of an estimated 100,000 lives. Facing the events from the recent past, especially by combating impunity for war crimes, is recognised as one of the basic preconditions for reconciliation and progress, both internally and externally, for the development of BiH into a democratic and stable country.

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