Emigration and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina BEST PRACTICES

19 Nov 2014

The official statistics estimate that almost 1.5 million citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina live outside the country, which is almost 40% of the size of total population.  According to estimates, the number of citizens originating from BiH and living abroad is even higher, if the second and third generations are considered, and it amounts to 2 million citizens.  


The BiH emigrants represent significant potential for the country’s development, since these are often highly educated and successful individuals.  Some of them decided to contribute to BiH development investing their knowledge, experience, work, and funds into local communities throughout the country.  Their stories are captured in this brochure that illustrates that not only it is possible to be successful investing in BiH local economies, but that for some it is more than investment, it is a life story. 


The brochure is prepared with joint efforts from Ministry of Human Rights and Refugees of BiH, specifically Sector for Diaspora, which has actively maintained communication with BiH citizens abroad and continues its efforts in engaging with BiH Diaspora, and UNDP that continues to pursue the development agenda.  The Project is supported by the Swiss Government, which continues to contribute to the promotion of role of migrations in development throughout the World.    

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