Guidebook on food safety for primary producers

21 Feb 2011

Consumers of food as its end users have the right to know that the food they eat is approved and safe. Foodborne illnesses are very dangerous and can affect not only the consumers but the entire food industry, tourism and catering industry, in addition to adverse effects on the volume of production of primary producers which are ultimately reflected on the revenues and the overall economy of a country. It is therefore important to focus on educating the primary producers about the reasons for and ways to produce safe and quality food.


The basic principles which underlie the concept of food safety are Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Good Agricultural Practice (GAP), Good Distribution Practice (GDP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Risk Analysis.


The Guidebook on Food Safety for Primary Producers has been developed within the Project Value Chains for Employment of the United Nations Development Programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina with professional assistance of the Food Safety Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The guide is published in three official languages of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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