Rural and Regional Development

  • LOD Methodology for Allocation of Funds to Civil Society OrganizationsFeb 9, 2016LOD Methodology for Allocation of Funds to Civil Society OrganizationsThe methodological approach for transparent allocation of funds intended for civil society organizations, has been developed based on the need for simple tools that can be used primarily by local communities for the distribution of their own budget resources, but also based on the demands of civil society organizations and their desire to have an easier and simplified access not only to financial funds from the budgets of local governments, but also to funds from various other sources.

  • Success Stories of Cooperation in Local CommunitiesJan 18, 2016Success Stories of Cooperation in Local CommunitiesThe project Migration and Development objectives were twofold: (i) to support government institution s in improving policies and practices to enhance cooperation with migrants and (ii) strengthen the capacities of local communities for such cooperation. One of the project activities involved mainstreaming the concept of migration and development into the development strategies of then partner local governments. This resulted in concrete initiatives aimed at establishing or enhancing cooperation with businesses and individuals or associations of migrants, all targeted at achieving concrete development results at the local level.

  • Emigration and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina BEST PRACTICESNov 19, 2014Emigration and development of Bosnia and Herzegovina BEST PRACTICESThe official statistics estimate that almost 1.5 million citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina live outside the country, which is almost 40% of the size of total population. According to estimates, the number of citizens originating from BiH and living abroad is even higher, if the second and third generations are considered, and it amounts to 2 million citizens.

  • Jan 17, 2011The StraTraining Strategy for Local Self-Government Employees in the Republika Srpska 2011 - 2015tegy for Local Self-Government Employees in the Republika Srpska 2011-2015The RS Training Strategy for Local Self-Government Employees (2011-2015) is a policy document adopted by the RS Association of Municipalities and Cities and the RS Government that demonstrated their commitment to a systematic and sustainable approach to local government capacity development.

  • Jul 5, 2011Methodology for Integrated Local Development Planning in Bosnia and Herzegovina (miPRO)We are pleased to present the second edition of the Methodology for Integrated Local Development Planning (MiPRO) for Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), prepared following its practical application in 23 municipalities in BiH. The second edition contains practical examples and experiences practices from strategic planning processes recently conducted in these 23 municipalities.


The Rural and Regional Development Sector focuses on a comprehensive approach to development at the local level, in line with European principles and norms. Through its five regional offices, the Sector targets: improving local government capacity to plan, identify priorities and deliver results; stimulating economic recovery through entrepreneurial activity, job growth and investment, increasing the competitiveness of local producers and income generation; strengthening local priority infrastructure; delivery of social services to vulnerable populations, and the sustainable use of natural resources and energy efficiency.