Rural Development in Bosnia and Herzegovina: Myth and Reality - 2013

03 Oct 2013

Prism Research – a market, media and social research agency – for the purpose of examination of rural development in Bosnia and Herzegovina (B&H) within NHDR 2012 report, conducted a quantitative survey research by gathering data about various topics linked with rural life in rural areas of B&H.

The objective of this survey research was to collect information on demographic data, employment data, access to services, income and poverty, access to resources, access to capital, experiences and status regarding labour market, outputs they produce, access to markets, as well as access to information and training, when it comes to inhabitants of the rural areas in B&H.

The research was conducted through field questionnaires, in the period of 31st March until 22nd April, 2012. Representative sample of N=3055 respondents from rural areas of B&H, were interviewed, using CAPI method (Computer Aided Personal Interviewing). In this research, respondents were mainly heads of the households, or other appropriate members of households in cases when heads of households were unavailable.

One of the important goals of the research was to gather certain data about each household member, such as their age, marital status, education and working status. This is why the respondents had to be members of households who are very familiar about other household members regarding these questions, as well as being well informed about the household as a whole.

This report describes the methodology used in this survey research.


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