Progress towards the Realization of the Millenium Development Goals in Bosnia and Herzegovina 2010

12 Aug 2010


The adoption of the Millennium Declaration by 189 United Nations members in September 2000 was an important moment in terms of global cooperation in 21st century at which point eight specific Millennium Development Goals were defined to be achieved by 2015. These goals represent human needs and basic rights that every human being should have the right and the opportunity to enjoy.

Ten years later, the world leaders gathered at the United Nations MDG Summit held in New York in September 2010, to assess the progress, deliver recommendations and to agree on concrete strategies and actions needed for the realization of eight MDGs by 2015.

A number of countries, signatories of the declaration, including Bosnia and Herzegovina, decided to assess, two thirds of the way to 2015, the actual progress against commitment made in 2000.

This Report on Progress of the Realisation of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) in Bosnia and Herzegovina - 2010 was prepared by the Ministry of Finance and Treasury, the Sector for Coordination of International Economic Aid and the United Nations in BiH.

Along with the universal MDG indicators, additional indicators, specific for BiH have been defined and monitored as well. Progress made in achieving MDGs was monitored based on 2000/2001 baselines, targets achieved according to MTDS/PRSP in 2007 as well as the results achieved in 2009 compared against the targets set for 2015, taking into consideration the consequences of the global economic crisis. The review of 68 MDG indicators used to monitor the progress in BiH clearly show what areas require special attention if BiH wants to fulfil all of the MDGs set forth, by 2015.

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