Water for Life - Handbook for BiH Primary Schools

20 Jul 2012

Life can exist in all types of very inhospitable environments, but never without water. It is therefore that the pursuit for life in the Solar System has become the pursuit for water! Thus the Diamond Lake located in the remote part of Argentina may help scientist to reach the conclusion how did the life on Earth start, and how could organisms live on other planets. Researches resulted in the millions of «superbacteria» in the Diamond Lake, located amidst an enormous volcano crater at around 4,650 metres above sea level, and able to survive at extremely low oxygen levels.

Water has always been an indispensable living condition for humans. Water is a part of us and no human being can survive without water. A man can endure without water for 72 hours only, unlike food, without which he can endure incomparably longer.

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