Water for Life - Fundamentals of Inegrated Water Resources Management

24 Sep 2013

Water has always been a symbol of life to human beings. Water is a part of us and there is no human who can survive without it. A man can survive without water for around 8 days only, while it is considered that, without food, a man can sur-vive surpassingly longer, up to 40 days.

Fresh water is a resource essential to all forms of human activities as well. Namely, starting from the primitive mankind development, a significant part of civilisation history is related to a constant tendency to use water resources, but also to protection from adverse water effects, especially flood protection. Civilisa-tion development is most closely linked to the tendency to use water for irrigation purposes. It pertains to the cognition that water resources management repre-sented a main factor in the development of the eldest civilisations in Euphrates, Tigris, Nile, and Indus Valley, that used such river water for irrigation and food production purposes.



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