Second National Communication of Bosnia and Herzegovina Under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

08 Nov 2013

The Second National Communication (SNC) of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) has been adopted by the BiH Council of Ministers and entity governments and submitted to the UNFCCC Secretariat in Bonn.

United Nations Development Programme with GEF financial support and in partnership with the UNFCCC focal point for Bosnia and Herzegovina, RS Ministry for Spatial Planning, Civil Engineering and Ecology successfully completed the BiH Second National Communications on Climate Changes.  

The development and submission of this report does not only present fulfillment of BiH’s obligation as UNFCCC signatory; SNC also serves as a significant strategic document for sustainable development, as well as a link between environment protection, climate changes and key socioeconomic development issues.

With an assistance of more than 30 local experts and active involvement of relevant institutions, SNC has resulted in an updated GHG inventory verified in line with international standards. The document also provides an updated assessment of climate changes impact in BiH and recognizes areas with the highest potential for GHG mitigation. With identification of priority adaptation and mitigation measures, SNC has created a base for further BiH’s development towards sustained economic growth, which at the same time, contributes to eradicating poverty and improving human welfare without further damage to the environment. At the Rio summit in June 2012, the global leaders recognized this new development pattern under the name of Green Economy.


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