Possibilities of Using Biomass from Forestry and Wood Industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina

12 Dec 2014


The objective of this study is to analyze indicators of available quantities of wood biomass and identify institutional and legislative preconditions for its mobilization and sustainable use. It also shows the potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina in energy production based on sustainable use of forest biomass, and it states the reasons for underutilization of that potential. Considering the fact that 53% of BiH's territory is covered with forests, BiH has enormous potential for producing energy products based on wood. The main reasons which lead to underutilization of that potential are mined areas, insufficient levels of forest road networks, and insufficient amount of investments in this sector, which is, obviously, caused by previous two problems. Additional problem is complicate administrative and political setup of BiH. Therefore, there is no strategy for using woods on state level. The study identified key institutional and legal conditions for mobilization and sustainable use of forest biomass in BiH. There is still no strategic document for the energy sector at the state level. The issue of renewable energy and forest biomass are incorporated in existing strategic documents at entity levels where this subject is adequately represented and that could be good base for better utilization of forest biomass in the future. In BiH, there is a traditional approach in which wood is considered as main product of forest and other products are neglected and they are left unused in forest.

Bosnia and Herzegovina should base its strategic energetic activities on increasing production of wood biomass. This study also gives certain recommendations for achieving that. Some of these recommendations are to start the process of joining private forest owners into one association to ensure better communication with the public forest administration, to establish a consistent policy at all administrative levels in BiH, establishment of cooperation among them, to do detailed analysis of network biomass, etc.

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