Energy Efficiency Library

19 Feb 2013

The EE Library consists of seven educational publications that explain everything from basics to the technical details related to energy saving, energy efficiency and management. The publications are designed so that the wide audience can find interesting information – young persons who are new to the energy efficiency, as well as experts working in the energy sector.

All of the publications were written by the experts in the various fields of energy efficiency. The books are a valuable reference and information resource to all those who are interested in Energy Efficiency and are professionally related to the field.

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Download the Documents
  • 200 EE tips - how to efficiently use energy, to live better and pay less
  • Accept one ton of CO2 heavy challenge
  • Guide through Green Office - Manual
  • Guide through Green Office - Workbook
  • Manual for carrying out energy audits of buildings
  • Manual for weekly and daily analysis and interpretation of energy consumption data
  • Manual for energy management in cities, cantons and municipalities
  • Economic and financial analysis of energy efficiency projects
  • Own assessment of local communities regarding the motivation for energy efficiency projects
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