Biomass energy Awareness in Bosnia and Herzegovina, with a Special Focus on Srebrenica Region

01 Nov 2011

Within the framework of the BiH Biomass Energy for Employment and Energy Security – Biomass project, UNDP has published a study on Biomass Energy Awareness in Bosnia and Hercegovina, with a special focus on Srebrenica region. The aim of this study has been to assess the level of awareness about biomass energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as an effective, secure and environmentally-friendly source of energy, with a special focus on the Srebrenica region.

The study includes interviews and a questionnaire regarding biomass energy undertaken with
(i) policy-makers at key ministries at the State and Entity levels of BiH;
(ii) forest managers and biomass producers in the Srebrenica region;
(iii) domestic manufacturers of boilers and stoves in the Srebrenica region; and
(iv) end-users, which in this case were elementary schools in the Srebrenica region.

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