Energy and Environment

  • Climate Change Adaptation and Low Emission Development Strategy for BiHClimate Change Adaptation and Low Emission Development Strategy for BiHJan 9, 2014
    Bosnia and Herzegovina has taken significant steps to tackle the issue of climate change both on the domestic and international level. In Bosnia and Herzegovina climate change is gradually more considered to be a matter of crucial strategic importance, particularly by local authorities and the academic community.

  • Guidelines for the Management and Maintenance of Thermal Systems in Public BuildingsJul 21, 2014
    Guidelines for the management and maintenance of thermal systems in public buildings, with focus on boilers using biomass, are aiming to raise public awareness and familiar people that directly or indirectly operate and maintain these systems with practical information and advice for proper, safe and efficient operation of the system.

  • Possibilities of Using Biomass from Forestry and Wood Industry in Bosnia and HerzegovinaDec 12, 2014
    The objective of this study is to analyze indicators of available quantities of wood biomass...

  • Energy Efficiency LibraryEnergy Efficiency LibraryFeb 19, 2013
    The EE Library consists of seven educational publications that explain everything from basics to the technical details related to energy saving, energy efficiency and management. The publications are designed so that the wide audience can find interesting information – young persons who are new to the energy efficiency, as well as experts working in the energy sector. All of the publications were written by the experts in the various fields of energy efficiency. The books are a valuable reference and information resource to all those who are interested in Energy Efficiency and are professionally related to the field. By clicking the links below, you can download ALL of the EE Library publications (available in local language only):

  • Ecotourism in Livanjsko polje and surroundingsJun 8, 2012
    This publication presents eco-tourism values of Livanjsko polje (municipalities Livno, Bosansko Grahovo and Tomislavgrad). It provides reader with information on most important plant and animal species, sites of natural or cultural importance, ideas for recreational activities and adventure sports in the area. It’s a handy tool for all potential visitors or passengers, as it contains map of the area in addition to contact details of local food producers, accommodation facilities, traditional artisans and local associations.


Energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are essential components of a European future for countries like Bosnia and Herzegovina. With a generally low awareness of the interdependence between environment and development, national priority setting in this area is quite limited. UNDP focuses its support on ensuring that Bosnia and Herzegovina has the human and financial resources to sustainably use its environmental and natural resources, that it meets the EU Environmental Acquis and creates green, resilient economic growth and sustainable livelihoods for its population.