Non-Enrolment and School Dropout Study

17 Aug 2012

Dropout study was done as part of the educational activities of YERP, a study based on a survey of children and youths who either did not enrol in or dropped out of primary and or secondary school was conducted.

The survey was successfully implemented in governmental institutions (the ministries of education, municipal departments for social activities/departments of education, centres for social work, employment bureaus and pedagogical institutes) and primary and secondary schools, all of which observe the education system from a different perspective. It was therefore important to record their opinions and positions in relation to these issues if a comprehensive overview was to be achieved.

The research was conducted by Partner Marketing Consulting Agency with the purpose of identifying the main reasons for non-enrolment and school dropouts and presenting concrete recommendations for decreasing school dropouts targeted at various stakeholders: primary and secondary schools, municipalities and local communities, ministries of education, centres for social work, pedagogical institutes and employment bureaus.

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