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The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) is the UN’s global development network, working in some 170 countries and territories. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, we are committed to helping the country through strengthened national and local capacities to carry out political, economic and social reforms and development.

UNDP 50th Anniversary
Response to Floods
Until 5 February 2016, thanks to EU funded Floods Recovery Programme we jointly rebuilt:


4,441 homes including 575 homes of people living in collective centers enabling return.  

Through SME assistance, 4333 jobs are expected to be retained or created.

The number of the employees in SMEs that received EU financial grants increased from 3,784 to 4,173, thus proving that financial grants have had significant impact not just on economic recovery but also as strengthening mechanism for economic growth in flooded areas.

212 public buildings (schools, kindergartens, healthcare centers, municipal buildings, centers for social welfare, youth culture centers) and 142 communal infrastructure facilities.

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UN Floods Recovery Programme "Danas za nas" (pdf) May 2015
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Like for Smart Energy


Since 2014, two educational campaigns under the slogan Like for Smart Energy have been organized in cities across Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through quizzes and advices from Professor Atom, citizens learnt of the simple ways how not only to save the energy, but also reduce costs at home, in schools, and outdoors, while protecting the environment.